Who are we?

Our management team has the good knowledge about printing matters for more than a decade and have been continuously doing as designer in several countries in printing, advertising and graphic industries.

Our experienced staff understands the critical elements of design for business card and stamp that will help your enterprise stand out from the crowd, drawing on decades of experience in marketing, promotions and design.

Our commitment to service..

We believe that Moonbeam succeeds on the strength of referrals and recommendations from satisfied clients. We hope that you will appreciate our commitment to excellence and service – the fact that we answer the phone in person and reply promptly to inquiries.

Our aim is to be recognized as the natural choice for business cards & stamps, to continue to innovate and reliably supply state-of-the-art design and print products. To that end we will not compromise on customer service, quality and value for money.

Please find our company profile for reference.

Why choose us?

Thanks to the courtesy of Home Office scheme for SMEs implementation, with Moonbeam fully utilizing its method, we can and are now serving the customers with FAST turnaround time, LOW price, CONSISTENCY highest service level and QUICK response time even in the weekend or late in the evening.

Collection can be arranged at your convenience time too. We are very flexible.

We are always ensure of our products and services are to be 100%.

More than 80% of our customers are Stationery shops, Photo printing shops, Enterprises, and we know that they are seeking for good quality printings, and quality rubber stamps but do not want to pay more than necessary. While many printers and stamp maker advertise special discounts, when you get to the bottom and compare the specifications, their prices are not always what they seem. We offers highly competitive pricing, day in, day out, with lower raw materials and lower operating costs. Our company also provides print and graphic design services through enabling us to provide one-stop marketing services to our clients. No GST is added.

What can The Moonbeam Design & Print (S) LLP do for your business?

We design and produce full color business cards and affordable various kind of rubber stamps to bring your company step forward among others and tone up your business needs.

Moonbeam Terms & Conditions


Prices are estimates are based on Moonbeam current costs of production and, unless otherwise agreed, are subject to amendment on or at any time after acceptance to meet any rise or fall in such costs.


All work carried out, whether experimentally or otherwise, at customer's request shall be charged accordingly.


Every effort will be made to obtain the best possible colour reproduction on customer's work but because of the nature of the processes involved, the printer shall not be required to guarantee an exact match in colour or texture between the customer's original colour photograph or transparency and the printed article.

Customers who require colour reproduction of a specific standard and who wish to check the colour reproduction prior to printing, must order a colour proof, in writing when placing the order. This will be charge as extra. It is the customer's own responsibility to ensure that the colour photograph(s) of transparency(ies) submitted are suitable for the work in hand. The company cannot accept liability for unsatisfactory results caused by unsuitable or inferior photographic originals.


All orders must be paid in full prior to the products being delivered. 50% will need to be deposited prior to printing and the other 50% of invoice will be paid when the job is done. Accepted payment types are cash, cheque or bank transfer.


Orders can not be cancelled after artwork final approval and payment.


  • delivery of work shall be accepted when tendered and thereupon or, if earlier, on notification that the work has been completed the ownership shall pass and payments shall become due

  • On certain classes of work Moonbeam reserves the right to insist upon payment being received prior to commencement of work.

  • Any carriage arranged by Moonbeam is on the customer's behalf and Moonbeam is not liable for any delays arising out of that carriage.

  • Should expedited delivery be agreed an extra may be charged to cover any overtime or any other additional costs involved.

  • Should work be suspended at the request of or delayed through any default of the customer for a period of 30 days, Moonbeam shall then be entitled to payment for work already carried out, materials specially ordered and the other additional costs including storage.


Any query regarding the invoice or the goods supplied must be made to Moonbeam in writing within 7 days of invoice date or delivery date, whichever is the latest. Any query regarding non delivery must be made within 14 days of the invoice date. Claims outside this limit will not be entertained. Moonbeam shall not be liable in respect of any claim unless the aforementioned requirements have been complied with except in any particular case where the customer proves that (i) it was not possible to comply with the requirements and (ii) advice (where required) was given and the claim made as soon as reasonably possible.