Offset Printing Services

Offset printing is the most commonly used printing method today. Over 40% of all print jobs are carried out using offset printing.

Offset printing works in a simple manner. It uses three cylinders to transfer the image onto the substrate. The first cylinder is mounted with the printing plate. The image on the printing plate is ‘right’ reading or written with the right side up. The first cylinder is inked and the image transferred or offset onto the second cylinder, which is mounted with a rubber blanket. The image on the second cylinder is thus reversed or becomes ‘wrong’ reading. Finally the image is transferred from the blanket cylinder onto the third cylinder or the substrate. The substrate is mounted on the third cylinder also known as the impression cylinder. The image once again is reversed and becomes ‘right’ reading or right side up in the final printed version.

Offset Printing Products

  • Invoice
  • Brochure
  • Letterhead
  • Flyer
  • Voucher / Sales Order Receipt
  • Invitation Card
  • Envelope
  • Diary / Memo Book
  • Wedding Card
  • Calendar
  • Sticker
  • Postcard


Any business would like to see a lot of orders and delivery receipts filled up, which means business is on a roll. When transactions are agreed upon by customers and merchants, both sides would like to have every transaction documented in forms for validation and recording purposes.

NCR books is one of Ready Steady Prints convenient and effective tools for documenting your business transactions. This transaction form is designed to make everything clear and functional for both users. Our NCR books are printed in carbon less paper, with parts in twos, threes, or four ply with each part having a unique colour to designate the intended receiver.


Whatever type of business or organization you are involved in, brochures are the most effective way of generating awareness and reaching target customers. Whether it is a 4, 3 or 2 panel printing, brochures allow you to convey your message in portable pieces for handing out, and convenient mailing. You can even use larger tri-fold brochures to fit expanded messages and display bolder graphics. Your business can take full advantage of our brochure printing and design services because we offer.


Letterheads play an important role in business communication. It creates a first hand impression about the company to the prospective client who receives the same. Letterhead printing is commonly done in offset printing. Some companies prefer to do in screen printing.

A well designed letterhead printing involves creating a sensible logo, a simple appealing layout with colour that match the product or service that is offered by the company. We use full color printing of letterhead that warranties creative design and a superb layout.


Flyers are considered to be the most cost effective marketing tool as far as the advertising medium is considered. A properly designed flyer can be well utilized for a series of targeted campaign with in a smaller segment and to a certain extent for a wider area. "Flyer printing" is done usually through "offset printing" since it works out very economical than any other mode.

Flyers printing become still cheaper when it is printed in multiple of thousands. We "outsource printing" for bulk flyers requirements and guarantee a fast turnaround and delivery time with strong commitment to work quality.

Voucher / Sales Order Receipt

NCR (no carbon required) or carbon less forms, like the name suggests, have eliminated the need for carbon paper between sheets to create multiple copies of the same form. The paper is chemically treated to transfer the impression from the first page to the subsequent pages with very little pressure.

NCR forms have a myriad of uses with some of the most common being invoices, statements, purchase orders, contracts, work orders, applications and receipt books and receipts where multiple copies are needed for customers, sales people, accounting, agents, mechanics, workers, etc.

Invitation Card

Hosting a company event, mixer, birthday party, wedding or BBQ? Don't send out a generic invitation, text message or e-invite. Make your party seem like the place to be with custom designed invitations from us.

Send out a beautiful invitation that will generate thrill and anticipation among your customers, employees, prospects, friends and family. Get them excited for your get-together, store opening, upcoming sales event or charity function. Anytime you want people to be somewhere consider going the extra mile with a formal invitation.


One size doesn't fit all when it comes to envelopes. We can customize envelope for your specific needs.

For a cost-effective solution for your needs, goals and budget, we address your envelope printing requirements with follow categories.

  1. Business envelope
  2. Catalog envelope
  3. Specialty envelope
  4. Full color or one/two color envelope
  5. The appropriate printed information placement

Diary / Memo Book

Take a look at what you have on your desk. Aside from the obvious stacks of paper, maybe a mug of coffee and a few pens and odds are you have a diary or memo book. And it is probably from someone else's company. Everyday you look at it, use it for a list of the day's events, jot down notes, stats or figures. And everyday you are reminded of that company's name and logo. It is like a small, practical billboard on your desk.

Everyone appreciates a pad of paper. If you brand them and make them available to your customers, your full-color company name and logo gets attention every time it's used. And it gets even more attention when one of those notes is passed along. It's just one more creative way to advertise and get your brand out there!

Wedding Card

Invite your relatives and friends using invitation cards selected from a potpourri of styles and themes customized and personalized specially to your needs and printed by us.

Invite your relatives and friends using invitation cards selected from your desired styles and themes customized and personalized specially to your needs and printed by us. Whether it is a baby birth, baptism, business invites, or birthday invitation greeting cards, choose and customize and then send warm and fun invitation cards for every occasion you wish to celebrate. We also provide Designs of invitation cards that will surely add to the richness of your wedding ceremony.


You could customize the piece by including photos of a company event and using the calendar as a follow-up keepsake. The less "safety" it appears, the more likely it will actually be used throughout the year.

We are on standby to assist you in making your calendars remarkable. In either wall calender or desktop calendar, the attention to detail paid by our dedicated staff really make your calendars stand out from those printed at discount outlets, and they make great gifts too.


From small to large, standard sizes or distinctive shapes, labels and stickers are a great way to promote your business. Labels and stickers also work well as an additional form of marketing and advertising for your products or services.

We offer several different adhesive paper stocks, from matte to gloss finish, full color, black and white or even custom inks, and we can accommodate just about any size, shape or finish.


Do you want to provide a quick snapshot of your business or stand out among the others in the mail? Postcards are the most dynamic way to go, as they are one of the most effective yet least expensive tools to generate sales. We provide the below services.

  1. High Image Quality – All postcard prints are equally as vibrant as the next.
  2. Variety of paper stock choices (such as Silk cover, Classic Crest cover, gloss cover, 14 point or 16 point cover and Linen cover)
  3. Variety of finishing (such as no coating, shiny UV coating, Matte/Dull coating, silk lamination, etc.)

Kindly contact us for the most competitive pricing that we offer for the aforesaid products above.

In order to quote you precisely for your enquiry, please let us have the following:-

  1. Size, A4, A5, A6, etc.
  2. How many color to be used.
  3. How may ply (layer of paper sheet) to be used.
  4. The quantity (minimum order is applied to all the offset printing products).

We will respond to your enquiry within a day with the best possible print lead time.

Please call Ms. Sandra Wu (HP: 8168 4022) for more information.