Business Card (Name Card)

Business Cards are our business. Designed, printed, delivered... your Business Cards are only a few clicks away. Our range of Business Cards and other full color printing products are printed available and are all delivered to Singapore island-wide.

Business Cards are printed on a digital printer, which is a different process from the premium offset-printed business cards. We accept the minimum quantity of 100pcs (1 box) and it can be ready for collection based on your requirements.

Business card is one of the most important element in a business, it communicates to your clients with the highlight of your business information and contact.

We provide you the quickest way of business card printing done with a high quality finish, it is now possible to get your high quality business card printed in same day.

Pre-inked Stamp

The Pre-inked stamp is re-inkable when the ink runs out.

The stamp is pre-filled with ink from a choice of 5 different colors (ie. Black, Blue, Red, Purple and Green) and it can be ready for use anywhere without having a stamp pad.

This type is the much preferred type of stamps since no stamp pad is required and ink is already in the stamp itself. This saves you time and money. These stamps can last up to 6000 rounds. The stamps can also be refilled once ink runs out and can be used over and over again.

We use oil-based ink for all our pre-inked stamps, thus, it leaves a lasting impression which do not blur overtime and it is a waterproof stamp.

Self-inking Rubber Stamp

Self-inking stamp using water based ink and can be pre-filled with ink from a choice of 3 different colors (ie. Black, Blue & Red). Its include plastic and a rubber mechanism that rotates and imprints when pressure is applied. Both of these rubber stamps include the same imprinting quality only self inking stamps do not need to be inked before each imprint.

The stamp have a built in ink pad that automatically inks the stamp die after each impression. You can make thousands of repetitive impressions without re-inking. These stamps can be easily re-inked.

We provide the latest technology liquid photo polymer in the fastest most convenient package to use it in, imagepac. We manufacture a full range of exposure machines to suit all types of users and we also provide all the necessary ancillaries from negative making to hardening salts.

Imagepac was the first pre-packaged photo polymer in the world, ten years ago. It is a sachet of polymer with a rigid side and flexible side, both of which are removable. It can be used for making all types of business stamps, but is particularly suited to masking applications where a large number of stamps have to be made of the same size.

It has been using by water based ink, which means the ink can be spread when it gets wet, just like a normal stamp pad.

Please see the sample of the English & Chinese fonts size chart and the sample of the Stamp Chops for your reference.